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Personal fight scene service

Film your own fight scene to impress your friends (or maybe just yourself)
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Inspired by the Ryan vs Dorkman series at YouTube.

How cool is a really well done fight scene? Whether it's two bitter rivals in an empassioned stalemate or a solitary hero taking out dozens of the evil villain's henchmen before breaking into his lair, a great fight scene can provide the best thrill ride you can take in a stationary seat with your clothes on.

This new service would provide a professional choreographer, director, film crew, props and an abandoned warehouse for you to star in your own fight scene. You can fight against your buddies or an army of film students. For extra hilarity, you can even fight your boss at your office after hours for stapler supremacy. And in the end you'll have some great memories and your very own fight scene.

disbomber, Apr 25 2007

Stunt School Day, £215.00 + £5.00 for DVD http://www.buyagift...k/products/5248.htm
Give the gift of KA-POW! [jutta, Apr 25 2007]




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