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MentorBubbles; view the internet versions of the people who are doing well

Now you can find out what the auto-suggest groove of the people who are doing best in life, who live the life you would like to lead, see at their internet bubbles.
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Visit the online world of the effective and the winners. I'm imagining someone saying, “Often it seems that during 2020 AD our custom intenet feeds and playlists, and the suggestions software makes for us puts us in a slightly boring groove, some people call it a rut.”

That software guidance is actually there to make our personal well worn groove, some people call it a bubble, exciting, fun, and informative, but sometimes it seems stale.

Now you can find out what the autosuggest groove, "bubble", of the people who are doing best in life, who live the life you would like to lead, see at their internet bubbles.

Would you like to see the advertising that Taylor Swift, Elon Musk, and Mr. Koch the billionaire see when they surf the web? Would you like to view the “people who liked this also liked” items at amazon for people like interior designers and people who are better than you at your job?

Perhaps you would like to try the bubble of the people who are measured as being among the happiest people on earth who are doing a good job raising their children?

You can spend all your time immersed in the internet bubble of a person with a much better life, and, consequently be informed of better living opportunities for your own life. Call that the the MentorBubble

I am imagining a person saying, "At Quora, we have over 300 profiles with much more interesting questions than you get. Come visit MentorQuora now to think along the lines of people you think are lively, sucessful, kind, and ethical.

Also try MentorSearch, MentorAmazon, MentorBing, MentorYoutube, MentorYahoo, and MentorFacebook. Also, We’ve got stuff kids and teens like too, to get out of their bubble, like MentorTikTok, MentorInstagram, MentorTwitter and of course we have MentorPorn.

There are different approaches to making BubbleMentor spaces. One is that places like Amazon, youtube, facebook, and others could simply like the idea and set up some “browse as” accounts.

Another possibility is that successful people could be asked, using a disposable password, to just exist online, and share their password. There could be a broswer setting “browse as guest” and, a browser add-on to XML-ish describe a previous at-site MentorQuality browsing and keypress/imageclick history. The xml tells youtube your Mentor 1000-10,000 video history, then youtube makes a custom Mentor bubble for the visitor.

There is an inducement to getting it to work. companies could make MentorAccounts that only function when advertising was turned on, that is the people visiting/utilizing Taylor’ Swift’s bubble would actually see Taylor Swift-directed advertising, what she herself would be seeing.

This could make up for people using adblocker software. The internet says, “45% of people 15-25 use adblocker”; “42% [adblocker]”; “ 25.8% [use] adblocker]”. So approximately half the teen/college internet could be voluntarily viewing out-of-their-range ads in a MentorBubble environment.

If MentorBubbles are popular, 2 of 4 billion internet users could be voluntarily induced to watch actual, but misdirected and high-miss advertising while they freshened their outlook and personal opportunities using MentorBubbles.

Two Billion internet users voluntarily viewing ads seems like a huge financial incentive to making checking out the internet as someone else legitimate, popular, and I believe, often growthful and mentoring.

beanangel, Dec 11 2020

Celebrity Browser History Celebrity_20Browser_20History
[hippo, Dec 11 2020]

All it takes is hard work https://www.youtube...watch?v=_67JbvXLrmw
[Voice, Dec 12 2020]


       I like this concept, but my recommendations already contain such a high percentage of highly dodgy (advertising and/or artificially recommended) material that I doubt the media companies would ever implement this idea on their own.
sninctown, Dec 11 2020

       1. Will the famous people agree to their personal data being shared?
2. Only if we pay them obscene amounts of money
3. Where does the money come from?
4. Do the advertisers benefit enough from this to pay?
5. Presumably not, so the users have to be charged.
Will a spotty teen pay £100 a month to see Taylor Swift's advertisiment feed?
6. Do these people even use the internet, or do they have private secretaries who do their internetting for them?
7. Is there a significance to writing a numbered list rather than continuous prose?
8. That's all
pocmloc, Dec 11 2020

       I would be interested to see how different another person's internet bubble might look, my initial preconception being, having browsed from various work machines where various identification techniques are blocked, they're not that different. For example, on YouTube, I have a work account accessed via VPN and a home account which are entirely separate - and I'm likely to have reasonably different viewing habits on each, but they both tend to offer me the same stuff. Either "it knows" or there's just a limited supply of content - I've been surprised when I've overheard other people mention YouTubers by name which surprised me as I thought I was the only person in the world who'd snuffled out that niche content.   

       One of the most powerful stories that advertising ever concocted was the power of advertising - I suspect the power of internet auto-suggest is similarly hyped.
zen_tom, Dec 11 2020

       What if those people don't browse the web, but instead -- have their crawlers and information retrieval systems do it for them, having one integrated intelligence views of the raw content, stripped from noise?
Inyuki, Dec 11 2020

       Will it make an individual a better person in of themselves or a better lamb of this bubbly societal system?   

       I suspect it will still come down to the individual becoming conscious their societal self and what meaning they want give that.
wjt, Dec 12 2020

       beanangel, you are living the life I'd like to live, maybe.
blissmiss, Dec 12 2020

       Looking up to someone involves working out the adult process of working out why you look up to them. Most of the time they are not whom you imagine. Maybe this will quickly show you to yourself.   

       But is still doesn't stop you from learning from them and respect them like any individual met. Just don't blindly pedestal them.
wjt, Dec 12 2020

       *quietly disassembles shrine to Bliss
Voice, Dec 12 2020

       I wonder how little time successful people spend on the net in general on average. Probably not that much idle time, so a few simple links to their essential input news. Some financial investment business. Some eyes on popular topics in the news to stay relevant. Some inspiration and latest science research links. Some networking peeps, and an assistant to watch this and that.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2020

       [Voice] I said MAYBE, just maybe. I was trying to make them feel good about themselves, I think.
blissmiss, Dec 16 2020

       I couldn't give two fucks what Bezos or Taylor Swift watches or gets as adverts - (I don't even know who that is - pop singer?) I presume someone like Trump gets endless adverts for metal polish for his solid gold toilet seat, but also for luxurious lining options for his future straightjacket and padded cell.
xenzag, Dec 16 2020

       Musk has his day planned out in 5 minute increments. Running 5 companies takes that kind of dedication.
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2020

       [blissmiss] Thanks, it did make me feel good and promoted interesting thoughts. I hope your life is even better than mine though, which is saying a something kind of nice because my life is good.   

       Mentorbubbles is kind of inspired by the extreme subject and topic channelization that happens on a website I enjoy called Quora.com Sometimes there I'd like to switch to someone who gets completely different questions to answer.   

       "You can spend all your time immersed in the internet bubble of a person with a much better life, and, consequently be informed of better living opportunities for your own life. Call that the the MentorBubble"   

       I know, let's quantitatively measure it! Really, you just have a test group of say 1100 people getting the automated content of people with much better lives (an exciting opportunity for definition), and see if their scores on psychology (psychometric) tests improve. On the validated Big Five psychology test "Openness to Experience" correlates with happiness (Happiness psychometric tests), and reducing big five "Neuroticism" would make people both happier and more socially functional. Mentorbubbles of people doing particularly well could be measured to see if they have these kind of beneficial effects on a person using a MentorBubble
beanangel, Dec 17 2020

       No no, I did that after hearing these wise words:   

       //But is still doesn't stop you from learning from them and respect them like any individual met. Just don't blindly pedestal them.//
Voice, Dec 17 2020


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