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Peeved by Proxy

Haven't the time to be mad? Pay someone to do it for you!
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The worst part about The Workplace is that you're very often working, and therefore busy. So busy, in fact, that when things go wrong you don't have time to be angry about it - you simply have to take the fact that the IT department, or records and research, or whoever, simply can't be bothered to do their job, and YOU have to find some other way to get what you want or need.

That's where PbP would come in - simply give them a call, and they'd call the appropriate person and scream and yell about incompetence and questionable relationships with mothers for a while. I've found that generally, people apologize to whoever's mad, regardless of reason or position. Peeved by Proxy takes advantage of that and unleashes a holy tirade of righteous indignation in the hopes of getting a particular result.

There's a fee associated with this, of course, but it's on a scale based on actual result. Long-distance telephone charges are extra.

shapu, Feb 07 2005


       You can hire a ready pool of talent away from the collection agencies. I once got behind on some things when I was a college student and ended up on the wrong end of a "holy tirade of righteous indignation" from some stoodge at an agency phone bank. I was flabbergasted. Here was this hourly worker, likely more empathetic to my problems than toward his employer's, seeming to delight in wringing me out.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 07 2005

       Slogan suggestion: "It's people like I!"
reensure, Feb 07 2005

       I can see a building full of PbP callers in cubicles... in India! "Excuse please, but I am being very pissed off right now by you!"
spacer, Feb 08 2005

       "I hired a PbP and got a refund by proxy, and an apoloy by proxy." :(
not_only_but_also, Feb 08 2005

       interesting: does the proxy get the bad karma, or you, or both?   

       interesting: you are so busy that you can't get mad, but can find time to post to the halfbakery.   

       interesting: you are (for whatever reasons) not actually getting angry, but pay someone else to express anger that they don't feel either.   

       so, [+] for being interesting.
sophocles, Feb 09 2005

       This is more for other people than myself. I work in higher-ed fundraising, so if someone rubs me the wrong way, I can just steal their donors' checks and put my name on the referral forms when the mail comes in ;)
shapu, Feb 09 2005

       [+] ... kind of like a much cheaper lawyer or a hitman depending on what kind of retribution we are talking about.
ixnaum, Jan 17 2006

       I like the idea of a scale of anger.   

       "I only felt like a £10 rant today, but that waitress from last week who spilt coffee in my lap, well lets just say she has £250 of hate coming her way!"   

Germanicus, Jan 17 2006


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