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Missionary Signing

Warn proselytizers: beware of tough nut to crack
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Signage like hoboes used to scrawl on barn and house doors to advise collegues "good pickin' s" or "crazy damn old fart with a shotgun and knows how to use it", but geared toward Mormon (LDS), 7th Day Adventist, Hunga Chaka, and other assorted missionary types bent on spoiling a perfectly good Sat AM hangover by ringing the doorbell and making you think it's a raid or some damn thing.

Win-Win: Homeowners get to keep their cool and missionaries can save themselves the stress of further rejection. At homes where positive signage can be read, convincing lads and lasses of persuation can rest assured that the residents are pliant, and may be switched from the previous sect the next, if properly persuaded and cajoled.

panamax, Aug 23 2002

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Rant your lungs out with 1000 watts of WIBNI power... [Mr Burns, Aug 23 2002]

Baked Anyway http://www.worldpat...nstrel/hobosign.htm
Hobo signs contain symbols for "cranky woman or bad dog", "bad man lives here" and "talk religion, get food" - what more do you need? [DrCurry, Aug 23 2002]


       ok i admit a small degree... of rant... maybe.
panamax, Aug 23 2002

       Nope, wouldn't work. You'd just get a tougher breed of missionary on your porch.
madradish, Aug 23 2002

       But what if you actually want the missionaries ? Autumn is here, it will soon be Saimhain, and we need a Believer to put in the Wicker Man I'm building out the back .....
8th of 7, Aug 23 2002

       The Jehovah's Witness delivery service would fall apart completely.   

       Personally, I like getting them sometimes, having spent some time studying some anti-JW / LDS / whatever apologetics in my spare time. Haven't seen any lately. (Wonder why?)
RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2002

       panamax, why speak in code? scribbled on pavement in chalk? please explain your idea for us simpletons   

       am not impressed with Home: pest control
po, Aug 23 2002

       I found it to be a perfectly suitable category.. The idea itself needs work.
Mr Burns, Aug 23 2002

       po: this is a pointless variant on war chalking, q.v.
DrCurry, Aug 23 2002

       Ouch, OK i get the point...
panamax, Aug 25 2002

       Rainbow flag with the Anarchy 'A' on it. That would do the job.
Guy Fox, Aug 25 2002

       And I came tearing over here to read this, thinking it involved sex and sign language. Sigh.
banshee, Aug 25 2002

       Signs on the ceiling.
bristolz, Aug 25 2002

       Yep [RW]. I'm not exactly trying to help the missionary movement worldwide here y'know. Anyway, I can now admit that [Una-bubba] called it correctly; it's a rant.
panamax, Aug 28 2002


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