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Convenient worldwide chain of free restrooms.  "We want to be your one stop excrement shop"  Convenient parking.  Highway locations and around town.  "Take it or leave it, but do it here".  McPeeHoles.

Mascot:  Winnie The Poo.

McPeeHoles will also sell recovered dissolved pharmaceuticals back to the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Oh... and they sell fast food at the McPieHole at each location.

Sent fom my Palm Pre...

Mustardface, Jan 14 2010

Wee-lie bins http://news.bbc.co....i/uk/8439919.stm?ls
[calum, Jan 14 2010]


       These could be largely supported by advertising revenue that could be marketed to companies losing ad exposure to Tivo fast-forwarding.
techfun, Jan 14 2010

       [21quest]. No one is less cheritable in a conversation than yourself. Just an observation. Here's how I handle it:   

       [mustardface]. This would be great in cities where starbucks and McDonalds are overwhelmed by their role as the defacto public toilets. They need to be 24 hours, which automatically makes security an issue. McPeeHoles should contract with New York City to take over the long-closed subway bathrooms.
fishboner, Jan 14 2010

       Slightly disappointed that this isn't a suggestion for "wee-lie bin" style pissholes in the facing of high-street McDonald'ses, the street-pisser now having something to peer at while widdling, and bored window-seat fast-food munchers having the opportunity for a more lingering flavour of people watching.
calum, Jan 14 2010

       //a more lingering flavour// [marked-for-tagline] as well as an obvious suggestion of economic savings through fast-food ingredient recycling...
pocmloc, Jan 14 2010

       Enjoyed [21_Quest] user page.   

       Your definition of exact is what other people call 'sorta'.   

       It's more 'exactly' like McDonalds, a ways down from the rest stop.  But not really 'exactly', more 'sorta'.   

       McDonalds:  Where else can you use the toilet and not feel like you oughta buy something.  It's my kind of place (sorta kinda).   

       McPeeHole wants to be your pisseree and poopery 1st.  And Pie Hole filler 2nd.   

       Stay tuned for Taco Belle.   

       Hi Blissmiss (speaking of Belles) and thanks for my 5 year welcome back 'hi' but I have no clue how to say hi back and know you saw it.  Oh well.   

       Weird how I was at Halfbakery Jan 2005 and back Jan 2010.  Spooky.  5 years.  Thanks everyone for still doin' it!
Mustardface, Jan 16 2010

       I want there to be a crazy looking clown that will unzip and pull down my pants and then when i am finished taking care of business, wipe for me too and also flush because i don't want to touch the toilet.   

       He should have a big horn to honk and a dance to do when the the customers pass gas too.
vfrackis, Jan 16 2010

       Consider it done. What a fantastic add-on. But what should his name be? McPeeHole... McPeeHole... Does [21_Quest] get this at the rest stop? Thanks for enhancing the wipable bunability of this idea! Let's just call him AssWipe. Employment opportunity: Wanted ass wipes to portray AssWipe McPeeHole the Clown.
Mustardface, Jan 16 2010

       I can see this one going down well with parents
pocmloc, Jan 16 2010

       Yeah, your bringing back to Earth on that. The kids. We don't need any more clowns like that.
Mustardface, Jan 17 2010

       //a crazy looking clown that will unzip and pull down my pants//   

       You were at *that party* too? Did you try the grog before or after the furries mixed in their special ingredients?
MikeD, Jan 17 2010

       before and still nursing severe rug burns
vfrackis, Jan 17 2010

       I saw the title and had a horrible visual about this being some sort of "glory hole" that you find in public restrooms.
Jscotty, Jan 19 2010


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