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Means for Smuggling Liquid Contraband

like a wineskin, but a vest
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This is a vest with a fillable interior (augmented by an impermeable liner) designed to accommodate liquids for consumption. A nozzle, such as is seen on inflatable novelty items, allows liquids to be poured into the interior of the vest.

When one wishes to bring, say, booze, to the ballgame, concert, what-have-you, where the venue will likely seize one’s flask or other container, and where such venue serves no drinks or overcharges unacceptably, the vest is pre-filled at home with one’s preferred tipple and worn out, allowing for a discreet means to carry drinks.

Preferably, some sort of insulating material will keep the vest’s contents from becoming undrinkably warm due to body heat. Additionally, a second nozzle allows the inside of the vest to be washed between uses.

snarfyguy, Aug 07 2002

CamelBak Canteens http://www.srtsupply.com/vendor/camelbak/
Works well at football games. [Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002]


       It's called a CamelBak canteen. Yes, they're insulated.
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       the best thing about a camelbak, when you are sitting down you can pressure feed the drink into your mouth by leaning against the seat back just a little harder.
rbl, Aug 07 2002

       rbl: CamelBong
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

yamahito, Aug 07 2002

       CamelBong. Must be possible.
DRstrathmore, Aug 07 2002

       I made a Burple Bong before, and it worked. Pity that they don't sell Burple anymore.
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       CamelBaks are also the preferred hydration system for campers and hikers everywhere. However, I am too cheap and bought a cheap imitation.
BinaryCookies, Aug 07 2002

       On long ORV treks, I wouldn't be without one. Or a camel bong for that matter.   

       Means for smuggling liquid contraband? Chug! Chug! Chug!
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       Yeah, your "CamelBak" is along the same lines, except for the all-important element of discretion. My embodiment of the idea doesn't put a big weird lump on your back (which, if you're wearing battle fatigues, would be o.k., I guess). But try getting that thing through the pat-down at Madison Square Garden...
snarfyguy, Aug 08 2002

       What you need is a thin bag on a tube that you can swallow, fill via the removable tube, and then have it portion out gulps to the stomach via remote control.
FarmerJohn, Aug 08 2002

       The Big Chill festival has some distinctly un-chilled bouncers this year, I'm told. They took bottles of water away from people entering and told them to buy it inside. I think it's actually illegal to force someone to pay for water here, but I'm not sure.
sappho, Aug 08 2002

       // Camel Bong //I now have this weird picture in my head of a camel drinking 40 gallons of beer in order to smuggle it into some prohibitionist Muslim country, and then spitting it down the throat of some partying Arab teen...
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2002

       CamelBong: It's still a cheap garden hose bong, but you can get it with one funnel or two.   

       And yeah, the other ones are for tobacco use only...
Mr Burns, Aug 09 2002


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