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Lockable Bottle

Exclusive beverage container
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Some people have perfected the talent of opening a bottle with a key; and now you can, too! But only if you have the right key.

A lockable bottle looks like a normal bottle, but there’s a keyhole in the cap. The keyhole looks like the one on your front door, and the key that opens it looks like a regular house key. When you buy a case of liquor, wine or beer in lockable bottles* you get twelve bottles, but only one key. It’s a good way to maintain a position of power at your next party, or to prevent your kids from drinking your booze.

Technical details:

The mechanism in the neck is strikingly similar (though somewhat simpler) than a door lock. The top part of the cap is like a twist-off cap -- it takes a quarter-turn to make it come off. The difference is that there is a cylinder with pins extending from the bottom of the cap into the neck of the bottle. The pins poke into holes on the inside of the neck preventing unauthorized drinkers from twisting the cap. When you put in the correct key, the pins line up just right to allow the cap to turn (exactly the same as a door lock). When you turn the key, the cap (and the rest of the lock mechanism) comes off. You drink your fill, and if you don’t finish it, you can lock it back up again.

*McLaughlin’s Lockable Lager, for instance.

AO, Apr 04 2004

(?) Thanks to bristolz for the illustration http://bz.pair.com/fun/AOHoHo.jpg
(makes me thirsty) [AO, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Bottle opener http://www.public.c...img/glasscutter.jpg
In case you lose your key, or your parents are out of the house. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

Bottle Locks http://www.firebox....ion=product&pid=495
...appear to be Widely Baked, according to Google. They all seem to be baed on combination locks rather than keys. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       re: illustration. I am so jealous AO!
po, Apr 04 2004

       This probably would've frustrated me when I was 16 years old, but it sounds like a good, responsible idea now.
tchaikovsky, Apr 04 2004

       ... and keeps da' kids outta da' stash ...
fasteddy, Apr 04 2004

       and now you can keep your choice of alcohol in the fridge when having parties (or attending parties) sans fear of beer theives.
superman9k, Apr 05 2004

       Actually this is half-baked by Sainsburys (Huge UK supermarket chain). There are locks on the top of alcohol bottles which have security tags on aswell to prevent theft. I realise there is a difference as you want the lock to be on the inside. Unfortunately...If the lock is a pin lock with the top pins being in the glass, then when the lock is taken out then the pins would fall out. This is why keys have grooves down the length, to allow them to go over the rests for the lower pins. howstuffworks.com has a good info page on how locks work. And how to pick them which would be useful if you are still 16 and frustrated.
miasere, Apr 05 2004

       See link.
DrCurry, Apr 05 2004

       "Heh, bottles are made of glass!"
<gets bucket, hose, glasses, and hammer>
"Who wants a drink?"
-"I do!"
<puts bottle in bucket, _smash_>
"Here you go..."
<siphons beer into glasses>
my-nep, Apr 05 2004

       Use bullet-proof glass - good for 20 shots.
FarmerJohn, Apr 05 2004


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