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Means for consuming liquid contraband

Slow release booze
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These are capsules filled with alcohol, similar to some medicine capsules.

The casing is made from a material that slowly dissolves in the prescence of digestive acid, releasing the alcohol.

These could be used when you are attending an event at which alcohol is prohibited or prohibitively expensive. You could swallow them at the entrance and enjoy a booze-addled afternoon.

They could possibly help you avoid breathalyser tests, as the alcohol does not touch your throat and therefore cannot be breathed out.

Mayfly, Aug 08 2002


       or choose to go to events where you can enjoy yourself without alcohol. Fishbone: irresponsible.
sappho, Aug 08 2002

       Thanks bm. I'll try.
Mayfly, Aug 08 2002

       [blissmiss], I don't understand your last annotation. Can I have a translation please?
Mayfly, Aug 08 2002

       Breathalysers work by measuring the alcohol in your bloodstream, not your throat - it seeps out into the lungs in some measurable form I believe.   

       This idea would help you to bring back loads of booze from cheap countries though. "Yeah, I've just come back from the south of France with 500 bottles of wine in my pocket".   

       I know that pure alcohol is very dangerous - there would have to be some kind of slow release mechanism, otherwise I suspect you would die as soon as the casing dissolved.   

       I could imagine alcoholics freezing them to use as ice cubes though. That'd be cool.
sild, Aug 08 2002

       [blissmiss], I hardly know you. As a confirmed anally-retentive Englishman, I don't think I'd feel comfortable calling you "Bitch".   

       I think I'll stick to "blissy". Sounds cute.
Mayfly, Aug 08 2002

       I always thought those oranges kids have at sports meets were injected with vodka.. as for 'alcoholic ice lollies' , as you freeze alcoholic drinks, the water freezes out first, leaving an acohol/ice slurry. Like when kids concentrate cider on dorm windows in the Canadian winter.
pfperry, Aug 08 2002

       Alcohol doesn't freeze until well below zero..   

       Sappho: Like AA meetings? Alcohol.. the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. Coiled, flaky, alcohol-filled slow release tasty pastry for aiding my irresponsibility. (hic)
Mr Burns, Aug 08 2002

       Hmmm, alcohol flavoured foodstuffs....
Mayfly, Aug 08 2002

       yo bitch, hehehe <g>
madradish, Aug 08 2002

       Oh no, not the dreaded 'G-word'   

       I'll let you know when I finalise the date for my lobotomy. You are bizzare sweetheart, admit it.   

       As for culture, Aussies have *all* cultures :)
madradish, Aug 09 2002


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