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Measuring cup mug/glass

Where's the measuring cup? It's EVERY cup!
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Every time I want a clean measuring cup it's been recently used, so why not etch EVERY mug or glass with measuring marks, and then you never run out!
EdisonEnvy, May 07 2012


       We have a pyrex shot glass with graduated measurements; very handy.   

       I'm always thinking "that looks like about a cup" about three minutes before I slop a little more of something else in to make up the balance. [+]   

       // A standard cup used in cooking measurements is typically 8 ounces. //   

       That's probably because 8 ounces constitute a standard cup, [21]. I think the point of this idea may have eluded you.
Alterother, May 07 2012

       No, because a 5 ounce 'cup' won't be marked '1 cup', it will be marked '5 ounces'. The proposal isn't that every vessel conform to a standard unit, it's simply a line of glasses, cups, and mugs marked with standard units graduated to whatever their maximum capacity happens to be, so that every vessel in the cupboard doubles as a handy measurement tool.
Alterother, May 07 2012

       Well, there's always the issue that the only countries that still use fluid ounces are the US, Burma and Liberia. (August company indeed)   

       The other 197-odd countries seem to do OK with metric.
UnaBubba, May 10 2012

       //the UK (metric) cup is still the largest as it is in cricket// Probably best not to use it to measure chili.
spidermother, May 10 2012


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