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Non-repetitious Melamine

Where originality matters
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Melony was a melamine specialist at the Morning Meadow countertop factory. One day, while examining the latest batch of Crackled Cobblestone patterned laminate, she began to notice a pattern. A tessellation, rather. While the synthetic cobblestones appeared to be randomly distributed to the casual observer, there was a definite repetition every 206.1 cm.

"This will not do", thought Melony. "Customers deserve only the best artificial Crackled Cobblestones, not the same ones every couple meters." Sitting down at a computer console, she began to program.

A few nested FOR loops and some recursion later, and Melony's crafty code was complete. All melamine patterns will now be procedurally generated fractals. Adding a hardware entropy device ensures no two Cobblestone countertops will be alike.

Her creative curiosity satisfied, Morning Meadow countertop customers can now rejoice in having the most realistic countertops available.

Aq_Bi, Nov 15 2018


       I often wonder about the people and methods involved in creating simulated random patterns in old paneling, wallpaper, etc.
normzone, Nov 15 2018

       You clearly have far too much time on your hands.   

       The patterns in wallpaper, laminates and vinyl flooring are produced using a process similar to offset lithography, which employs an engraved metal drum to apply the image to the substrate. The pattern therefore has a fixed repeat interval.   

       Truly random patterns could only be produced by means of a printhead type mechanism analagous to a roller-feed plotter, which would permit the design to be varied limited only by the print resolution.   

       The idea, while laudable, fails to address the manufacturing practicalites.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2018

       It could be just a matter of taste.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2018

       An adjective, surely?   

       I thought this was going to be more directly related to Penrose tiling somehow.
notexactly, Dec 03 2018


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