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Meatloaf roll?

Rolled loaf of meat anyone?
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So this is just an idea, not sure if it's been baked or not, but I sure as hell hope it hasn't.

Anyway.. I'm doing this assessment at Secondry School for a Food tech course and we have to make some new innovative food product, the assessment inclues using a variety of planning tools to come to an idea, and then find a way to get a rough idea of what the general public thinks of the idea. In my case, the general public is the Half-bakery community.

So here's my idea; It's meatloaf, but it's not cooked in a square/rectangular tin. Instead, it's circular, well, it's cylindrical in shape, and is half cooked before being rolled in pastry and finished off. So it's a bit like a sausage roll, but with a meatloaf style centre, this includes a traditional topping of rolled oats and tomato sauce which will go between the meat and the pastry.

There's also another idea I had, I work in a theatre so I don't have much time for dinner, so something quick and easy is crucial. usually I go out and get a kebab from the turkish restaurant down the road, but thats a bit expensive and can take a while depending on the time and day, not to mention weather. So maybe a shaved lamb/chicken pie? or Pizza maybe? It's basically just a pizza/pie with some shaved lamb or chicken, or beef, or all three for those that are a tad adventurous, then a selection of sauces and other fillings. Still working on other fillings :P

Cheers guys :) Feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea or a suggestion, but keep in mind that it has to be able to be mass produced..

- Christjan08

christjan08, May 08 2012

Lahmajoun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahmajoun
It's Armenian mainly, the history may be from all over that region, but it's mostly Armenian now [EdwinBakery, May 08 2012]

Oral Froth Chewing Gum Oral_20Froth_20Chewing_20Gum
I suggest you work on this product instead. You could make posters showing celebrities/political figures frothing at the mouth. Remember: this is colorful froth! [bungston, May 08 2012]

stuffed breads http://www.google.c...AE&biw=1024&bih=622
[xandram, May 09 2012]


       //half cooked before being rolled in pastry// OK, to start off with, this appears to be a recipe - which is, in general, not a target category of the halfbakery (see the "help" link, over on the left, under "meta").   

       But all that aside, when you're cooking breadish stuff with meat stuff, the side of the breadish part that is meatward ends up gooey and uncrusted. It can't come completely out of the dough state until it dries; it can't dry in contact with the meat (unless the meat has gone into some inedible state). Normally, a calzone or meat pie or burrito or niku-man or whatever will allow the bread to have a dry side so you can at least get it mostly cooked. "Rolled in" makes me think you're talking enclosed bread (I could be getting the wrong image here) and that makes me think enclosed goo.   

       If the breadish part is entirely outside, then it becomes exceedingly comparable to many common foods worldwide.
lurch, May 08 2012

       Meat pie? LAHMAJOON! My ancestors/culture I partly grew up in (Armenian) invented this way before you.   

       Where do you live? Go to any ethnic food mega store and you'll find it. It's really good.
EdwinBakery, May 08 2012

       /So maybe a shaved lamb/chicken pie?/   

       A gyro?
bungston, May 08 2012

       This would be a great thing to throw some weaved bacon around. Because everything's better with bacon...
RayfordSteele, May 09 2012

       The Italians make *stuffed breads* with a wide variety of fillings. (rolled)[see link]
These are not the same as a calzone, which is still dough with fillings.
xandram, May 09 2012

xandram, May 09 2012

       // recipe - which is, in general, not a target category of the halfbakery//   

       I dunno - this is more a structure thing than a recipe.   

       ([christjan], if they give you any more trouble, just add a paragraph explaining how the meat/bread combo is ideal ammunition for a trebuchet, or could form the basis of some sort of orrery. They'll leave you alone then.)
MaxwellBuchanan, May 09 2012

       @ Lurch, this is not a recipe as such, it's an idea. I don't have any real intention of putting this into production. it's just something I'm doing for a school project :P And thanks for the tag xandram. really appreciate that.   

       @those who think that it's similair to some armenian dish, or italian; I have no intention of copying any dish. and I never said bread, only ever pastry, which is very different to bread. the pastry in question being puff pastry...   

       @RayfordSteele; I like your idea, bacon is always a good addition, maybe something with bacon and maple syrup???   

       @Edwin Bakery; I live in New Zealand, and the Ethnic Food stores that are close to my house/workplace are either indian, or korean, and they mainly sell their form of chips and dumplings..   

       @MaxwellBuchanan; let me start by saying that your name is extremely familiar! Not sure why though, anyway. back on topic. It is indeed not a recipe, as I haven't specified any ingrediants or their quantaties. if somehow this did get implmented into a mass- produced product, it would have to undergo a fair bit of trouble-shooting and testing, not to mention reworking.   

       Cheers for the comments guys :) Once again, if you have any comments feel free to leave a comment or email me at christian.hrowney@gmail.com   

       - Christjan08
christjan08, May 13 2012

       I didn't see anything in there about a trebuchet. By the way, [xandram]'s tag wasn't a compliment, it was a call for deletion.
Alterother, May 13 2012

       //that the general public thinks of the idea. In my case, the general public is the Half-bakery community//   

       Oops... I think I've seen the flaw in your idea.
UnaBubba, May 14 2012

       Yes, that should be a capital "B" in // Half- bakery //
8th of 7, May 14 2012

       Altherother, I was being sarcastic in regards to xandrams tag.   

       And im new to the Half Bakery, so I'm still figuring out what goes and what doesn't. In all honesty, I don't see how this is a recipe, and please excuse my grammatical/spelling errors. English isn't my first language.
christjan08, May 15 2012

       In that case I would suggest you find an English - <insert 2nd language here> dictionary, and find out whatever word it is that you're mistranslating Recipe to mean, in your language.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       Welcome, [christjan]. Glad you're catching on so fast. Are you a particularly hungry individual? You seem to be somewhat food-oriented.
Alterother, May 15 2012

       Altherother, thank you. Not particularly hungry though, just bored of the limited options of food that I have access too. After a while, a standard pie becomes boring, so does a Turkish kebab once you've exhausted all the combinations of meat and sauce.
christjan08, May 15 2012

       Put it on a plate, son. You'll enjoy it more.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012


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