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Medical Leech Kit for DIY Phlebotomy

With New “Wake & Scrape” Technology!
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Many people have an irrational fear of needles (or something similar such as aichmophobia, algophobia, belonephobia […which, quite rightly **SHOULD** be an irrational fear of bologna sandwiches, but is not…], enetophobia, trypanophobia, and/or vaccinophobia).

The GROGco Medical Leech Kit for DIY Phlebotomy removes these fears from the equation!

Simply pour the medical leeches from the quart jar onto your body as you go to bed for the night. When you wake the next morning, rested and refreshed, simply use the handy scraper to coax the leeches into the convenient pre-labeled plastic bag provided in the kit! After that, just drop it into the night depository at the laboratory and you’re done!

Not recommended for hemophiliacs.

Grogster, Feb 26 2014

Quite Unlike This One, Really Blood_20collecting_20mosquitoes
No, really! [Grogster, Feb 26 2014]


       It's doing wonders for my bdellophobia.   

       Damn. I did **NOT** see that coming.   

       <frantically dialing the GROGco Product Development Manager>
Grogster, Feb 26 2014

       // bdellophobia //   

       Alternatively, trained homing vampire bats ?
8th of 7, Feb 26 2014


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