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Micro array blood test

Rush through a binding agent to put on a micro array for a specific infection.
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The problem with covid-19 is an instant test.

In this day and age, with humaities level of molecular knowledge, identifying blood with a specific virus circulating should be possible. Even with some false binding, analysis equipment is at a level that should be able to segregate groups of binding. The brains in the field, and weird clever students, might help with distinguishing techniques if needed.

The mico-array would receive a sample of blood and channels would be lined with pieces of DNA that if bound with Viral DNA, signal positive. Other channels contain molecules that lock and key signal with viral surface proteins or the viral attachment structures, A signal from most channels would be an indication the blood sample has the infection, if there is some channel signalling. those channels can be tested further with possible other staining techniques or reflection of specific light frequencies.

We have multiple viral testing techniques and we have incredible molecular testing equipment at border control. I just think this should be feasible.

No human testing is needed so fast track is possible.

And yes, people probably thought 'wouldn't it be nice' if we had a implement to lift soup before someone made the spoon.

wjt, Mar 07 2020

La la la... [RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2020]


       // The problem with covid-19 is an instant test. //   

       The problem with covid-19 is the misperception that it's any sort of a significant threat. It's not. The mortality is under 1%. Not statistically significant....
8th of 7, Mar 07 2020


       I mean, "[Some desideratum] should be possible [...] The brains in the field, and weird clever students, might help [...]" ?   

       Come on, [wjt]; give us a how.
pertinax, Mar 07 2020

       I wonder if a dog would know? They have quite a big micro-array.
wjt, Mar 07 2020

       <Venerable joke>   

       "My dog's got no knows ..."   

       <Venerable joke/>
8th of 7, Mar 07 2020

       Well, unzipping the DNA is a readily available chemical thing (polymerase I think), there are microfluidic arrays with an actual million separate channels, so having just 1k different physical channels each with a different short covid-19 matching sequence, basically a primer could match the covid DNA, then if enough of the 1k channels said they had a match it would be like 99.9% likely to be covid-19. This is basically like 1/2 a PCR cycle.   

       I am not formally a student, but I think if you asked some students they could make [WJT]'s thing work. As far as the .5b goes though, instant covid test is likely in rapid parallel development and is likely to already exist, the big opportunity is to make it as cheap and easy to use and saliva or even laser imaging of the tongue as possible
beanangel, Mar 08 2020

       Thanks [beanangel], I didn't think it was too far fetched. It would be nice if some of the micro fluidic channels had different proteins to match and signal as another factor cross-test.   

       But you a right, there might be a system the world's militaries have developed, that isn't declassified yet.
wjt, Mar 08 2020

       Thank you for the extra information, [wjt].
pertinax, Mar 08 2020


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