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Medicated Hair Loss For Men

For those of you who are unable to obtain a sexy male pattern baldness naturally
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There are many men in our society who are simply unable to lose their hair naturally, like the rest of us sexy baldies.

Shaving the noggin daily is a chore - and it's nearly impossible to get that pattern-baldness look you really want with a razor.

Thakfully, for you full-hair-heads, there is a medical solution. Using a daily regimen of Vitamin A overdose, anti-depressants and other medications specifically designed to maximize hair loss, the shiny chrome dome you've been envying on that bald-headed chick-magnet in the cubicle next to you can be yours.

globaltourniquet, Aug 09 2007


       s'funny, I like bald or Russell Brand and nothing much in between...
po, Aug 09 2007

       thakfully - almost thanks awfuk!
po, Aug 09 2007

       Even as a red blooded full headed man I cant help but find myself drawn to my own gleaming pink reflection in the heads of those more unfollically blessed. [+]
miasere, Aug 24 2007


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