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Megalomaniacal Orrery

I've plotted it out, the universe does revolve around ME!
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Just the thing for the front yard of my new palatial estate. A statue of me, in all my regal glory, standing proud upon a downsized Earth at the center of my front yard for all the world to see. Surrounded by powered tracks which carry the moon, the sun and all that other unimportant stuff mechanically following their true pre-Copernican course revolving about ME! The sun is actually only lit on one side, the side that faces ME! Stars shine from the outer edges pointing to their true Mecha ME!
MisterQED, Feb 18 2010

Egorrery egorrery
Sorry, but [xenzag] beat you to it by five years. [wagster, Feb 18 2010]

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       Yeah, I guess the basic idea is there, but how can you get the egocentric majesty from tiny balls that pop out of a hat and spin around your head.
MisterQED, Feb 18 2010


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