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Never-late Watch

A watch that ensures you're always on time
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Short description: It's a watch that makes it so you're always on time.

A bit more detail: Watches nowadays are tied into smart phones and GPS systems, and could adjust themselves to ensure that even if you're usually late to things, you're always on time.

Okay, okay, here's how it works: Your watch always knows what time it is. But the time that it SHOWS doesn't necessarily have to be the same time. Your watch is connected to your smart phone, and therefore has access to your appointments. Thanks to GPS, it also knows when you're traveling and when you've presumably arrived at an appointment. If you're habitually late, it will cause reported time to run a bit faster in advance of your appointment, so that even if you get there five minutes “late”, you've really arrived right on time.

But what about for things that aren't in your calendar? Not a problem. Nobody schedules things for, say, 2:36. If you are traveling for a period of time, and then stop moving at 2:36, the assumption is (taking into account your previous degree of punctuality) that you were six minutes late for a 2:30 appointment. If that's a general pattern, the watch will eventually tend to run about six minutes fast.

ytk, Nov 06 2015

I'm baking something like this https://hackaday.io...ductors-pocketwatch
Including [pocmloc]'s comment, in effect. No progress in the past year, though. [notexactly, Nov 09 2015]

Traffic signal preemption https://en.wikipedi...c_signal_preemption
// I've always wondered whether traffic light timings are adjusted for ambulances passing through. // [notexactly, Nov 09 2015]


       It should also have access to public transport schedules, so it could, for example, put you on an earlier flight than you were planning to get, so as to allow you enough time to get a taxi across town to your meeting.
pocmloc, Nov 06 2015

       If that ends up being a problem, the watch randomly displays the correct time sometimes, just to keep you on your toes.
ytk, Nov 06 2015

       what [MB] said... [+] nonetheless for sheer digital perversity.
FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2015

       I've always wondered whether traffic light timings are adjusted for ambulances passing through. Theoretically, public transportation could be prioritized by collective appointments somehow, although this is open to abuse. At one time in Russia there was apparently a rash of private drivers using sirens on their cars.
4and20, Nov 09 2015


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