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Month Watch

"Crikey, it's ten to October!"
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If you're just sittin' on the dock, watchin' time rollin' away, wouldn't a Month Watch be more useful to you?

The single hand takes a year to do a circuit, with the hours replaced by months. A digital version is not available.

Also comes in Gardener's Friend design, with little dingbats around each month telling you when to plant the corn and when to wash the labrador.

The Slow Foodies version highlights fruits and vegies in season - localised craft versions are available to promote regional cuisines.

ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 27 2005


       While you're at it, maybe the watch could show the progress of the outer planets around the sun?
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005

       [+] the ten to october bit is what got me. (in a good way)
andrew1, Sep 27 2005


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