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mobile flight/bus/train details

Flight/train/bus timings sent to your mobile via bluetooth
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You know in airports/trainstations/bus stations everyone always crowds around the huge screen that displys all the departure/arrival details.

Well would'nt it be a lot better if these were displayed on your mobile phone screen and viewed from eveywhere in the terminal?

I know that one can do all this with GPRS etc, but trust me, it takes agens, and is not as up-to-date as the big screens in the terminals.

This would be done via bluetooth hubs or wifi tech. you would download the program once, and everytime you enter a station with your bluetooth/wifi enabled it would update the program every 5 mins with the most recent details.


shinobi, Nov 25 2005

GUIDE project http://www.guide.la...ac.uk/overview.html
This is a wireless project that looks to push data to wireless terminals - in this case it is museums, in your case it is train details. [Jinbish, Nov 25 2005]


       As good an idea as this is,it is not so new I'm afraid. Location-based information and push-based data carousels supplied by wireless techniques have been researched by noneother than... little ol' me!   

       Kind of like the audio guides that are used in museums - it's a very good idea, that's not genuinely implemented, but the idea is not new.
Jinbish, Nov 25 2005

       Slightly baked, here in Melbourne, Australia, for trains at least. There's an SMS number that will return the next three train times in response to an text with the abbreviated names of your from: and to: stations. If you include a time in the next 24 hours, it'll return the next three after that.
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 26 2005


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