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For calling call centers
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One of the most frustrating things about calling a Call Center number, such as the help line for your cell phone service, is getting transferred around from department to department in a huge circle jerk because you don't know what department you're in at any given time, and the person who answers each phone apparently feels no need to identify their department.

So all I'm asking for is the automated voice system to simply say the name of the department you're being transferred to, and rather than spew a bunch of sales pitch bullshit at you while you wait, describe the various situations that the department is equipped to handle, maybe have department-specific FAQs while you wait.

This would result in a win-win scenario whenever a customer calls. The customer benefits from not being left in the dark so much, potentially much less time wasted going to the wrong departments, and receiving a more helpful and relaxed customer service experience.

The company benefits by setting a better buying mood for the customer, because they will be more likelyto be upsold and to purchase additional products and services if they feel more relaxed and better taken care of by the company they are calling. Not only does it set the buying mood, but it almost definitely will result in greater market penetration by word of mouth, as well as increased return on service and decreased customer turn-over.

In short, everybody wins.

21 Quest, Jul 27 2009


       Yes - this would do a lot to alleviate the helpless feeling I get when dealing with call centers.
ryokan, Jul 28 2009

       Good for customers, no profit for businesses, will never happen [-]
pocmloc, Jul 28 2009

       I disagree, pocmloc. Customers will be in a better mood and less stressed out when they finally get through, as well as being impressed with the company for caring enough to provide such a service. This will make them more likely to purchase new products/services when they finally get through, and will tell their friends about it, thus increasing market penetration.

       (note: post has been edited to include more about the benefits to both the company and the customer)
21 Quest, Jul 28 2009

       [+] and when you hit the voice-mail, an option to send you back to the last person who fobbed you off.
FlyingToaster, Jul 28 2009

       I was thinking an even better addition than the FAQs might be to include the direct number to reach that department, should you require their services in the future.
21 Quest, Jul 29 2009


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