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New phone voices

A more interesting sound
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A lot of the automated phone systems in Britain are made of recorded voices of women who you can't help but picture as old librarians.
With new phone voices, those awful automated menus would be a lot more entertaining, if a lot more pointless.

The range of new voices would be from bored and depressed to hyper-enthusiastic, from American to French, from seductive to strict, all available in male or female of course.

Parvenu, Nov 27 2002


       write to BT - cannot help agreeing though.
po, Nov 27 2002

       I removed the mfd for, while I still think this more a rant than anything, I'm curious to see what others think about it.
bristolz, Nov 27 2002

       Most automated phone systems in the US seem to have to be recorded by someone on staff, so this is not so much a problem over here. (The funniest I've heard was for a trucking company in the Bronx.)   

       Though I do guess that Bakes this, unless you intend these to be options that come with the system.
DrCurry, Nov 27 2002

       I thought these unemotional voices were computer generated,at least thats what they sound like down/up here.
skinflaps, Nov 27 2002

       They still sound like they have employed the Borg.
skinflaps, Nov 27 2002

       //employed the Borg//   

       Before: Press "3". Resistance is useless.
Now: Press "3". I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is useless.
Amos Kito, Nov 27 2002


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