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Merc Chess

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In days of olde when knights were bolde
and battled ‘pon fields of valor,
twer also knights rouge who’s bane swords were sold
causing stead men to lighten in pallor.

A game then arose, with its colors opposed
to pay homage to noble combatants,
which taught strategy but taught naught, s'tragedly,
of deeds lacking nobilital patents.

Without chivalry and denied heraldry
men marched oft quite unsung to their slaughter,
should stratagems taught belie tactics as fought,
just ‘cause some armsmen’d not done as they’d aught'r?

Victors write history, but no royal decree
saving face can now force us to tarry.
Let us put paid to lore'n, rightly settle the score.
Reenlist the Chess mercenary.


The only variation from real Chess rules is moving a mercenary chess piece (red), after every ordinary move. [link]
(not to imply that your move would not be spectacular or anything)

Once you have moved a merc piece it remains employed by you until control is relinquished by moving a different merc piece.
An opponent can not move a merc in your employ.
A merc pawn can move one square in any lateral direction, and only attack on the diagonal.
A merc pawn can not reclaim your Queen.

(?) http://s68.photobuc...=MercenaryChess.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 02 2009]

Mercenary Pawn Chess http://play.chessva...g/erf/MercPawn.html
Pawns can turn into mercs. [placid_turmoil, Mar 02 2009]

(?) I done baked it. : ] http://s68.photobuc...ent=summer10013.jpg
Merc chess too...the quickening. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2010]

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       Excellent idea... needs a better name though +
xenzag, Mar 02 2009

       //needs a better name though //
Yeah - coming soon, BMW ludo.
coprocephalous, Mar 02 2009

       Seems like a brilliant chess varient, I would love to see it baked
xxobot, Mar 02 2009

       No [21 Quest] a mecenary piece is only yours until control is relinquished by chosing a new mercenary. Either player can move any merc.   

       Why thank you [xenzag]. I am open to any name suggestion that isn't subliminal or post hypnotic.   

       [xxobot] have you got two chess sets?   

       Yes, you must move a mercenary after every turn unless there is only one left and it belongs to your opponent.   

       ... a merc piece can be employed by an opposing player after being captured.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2009

       //Yes, you must move a mercenary after every turn unless there is only one left and it belongs to your opponent.//   

       At which point they presumably get two moves to your one until you take the last merc or the game ends. Is that intended behaviour?
Loris, Mar 03 2009

       That's pretty much the way I see it playing out.
The mercenaries would only be able to attack while on the traditional grid.

       I like the added *umph* of color. +
blissmiss, Mar 03 2009

       +, But the computer in that 2nd link cheats.
Zimmy, Mar 03 2009


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