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Path of the Warrior Chess

And each warrior shall find his own way to victory!
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Each chess piece has a rubber ink stamp on the bottom. Each side has its own color, naturally. Using a dry-erase board, and dry-erase ink, the game is played in the usual fashion... except that no piece may ever occupy a space that has formerly been occupied by a different type member of its own side. So, any pawn can occupy space that has your color's pawn mark on it. But a knight must find a different space. Eventually, every space will be filled with colored unit identifiers. Knights can only land on spaces with your color's knight identifiers on them. The same goes for every piece. You can move them over other identifiers to reach your destination, but cannot stop on one. Kings and queens are exempt from this rule, and can move at will as usual.
21 Quest, Dec 13 2009


       just let m go where they want and save the stamped pages as memories or art many games will never end this way -
daseva, Dec 13 2009

       not sure it would work: pawns would be quick to gum up all the middle squares.
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2009

       Which means you may need to depend less on expendable pawns and more on your power players.
21 Quest, Dec 13 2009

       this would find many, many games unfinishable.
Voice, Jun 23 2010


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