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Metal timestamp watch

Clicking metal, plus useful as a stamp
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This watch has a metal face with many small holes. Metal studs protrude out of the holes about 1 mm to form the numbers of the time and date. Each minute, the studs change with a click. They are tough. In addition to being a snazzy timepiece, you can reverse your wrist and use this watch as a time and date stamp. The studs alone will mark pretreated paper, or you can whack a pad of ink first.
bungston, Dec 29 2006

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       So I assume the studs reverse L>R when used as a stamp? Otherwise, you would be stamping mirrored numerals.
csea, Dec 29 2006

       Or you could stamp the back of the paper, which would give you raised bumps on the other side and then blind people could read it too, braille style! Wouldn't work with the ink stamp though.
emjay, Dec 29 2006


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