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Metalvangelist Tour

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Upon watching a Tweet video of a guitarrist do some fun riffs while Kenneth Copeland was doing whatever it was he does, it occurred to me that televangelists and metal bands are missing a trick.

What's needed are two concert venues, or one venue split into two simultaneous events that merge.

The setup: A death metal band of the 'shock art' variety has a concert on one side; meanwhile an evangelistic crusade is being held on the other. The two acts become aware of eachother, and much hilarity and grifting ensues as the pastor tries to cast out or save or heal the band and blow them away with the breath of god and breathmints, and the band does its best to make fun of the pastor. A staged minor miracle takes place of some sort. At some point the sound system and/or lighting blink out or glow extra bright during prayers or guitar riffs for extra effect. Sometimes the pastor wins, sometimes the obviously satanic band wins, depending on the feedback from the particular crowd.

Of course it's all one company promoting both. The bands or pastors change each time so as not to arouse suspicion that it's all just a ruse. Maybe they trade sides every so often to keep it fresh.

RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2020


       Single venue, split down the middle (with a temporary wall or whatever). And a revolving stage.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 14 2020


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