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Micro Demolition Kit

Harmless Fun - Mostly
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The recent talk of Lego recalls to me what a fag it was to strip down the model you had just spent a few days making, some of the bricks taking a fair amount of force to seperate them.
It would be fun to have had a lego scale demolition kit. Tiny, but genuine, sticks of gelignite and detonators, a reel of thin wire and a miniature plunger box.
You could select the best points, drill the structure, set the charges and retreat behind the sofa unreeling the wire as you went. Attach the plunger box, say a few words of regret mixed with ambition for the future, and KABOOM- one demolished lego building ready for reassembly into the next design.
This micro demolition kit would also be great fun in the office for surprising the guy at the next desk with a well planned and secretly laid demolition of his intray, coffee mug etc.
Demolition Dave strikes again-KABOOM-
Love it.
IvanIdea, Jun 15 2002


       I am informed that you need a weak wall. I forget the physics, but remove lego from one wall and replace with jelly babies -ask Afro or QB - no forget it don't ask QB. you can have *too* much detail.
po, Jun 15 2002

       sorry, forgot. HUGE croissant - love it!
po, Jun 15 2002

       You have zeroed in on one of those mini-huge problems that you only think of when you're stuck trying to pry apart a whole section of legos that won't "lego," if you get the idea. It would be fun to play with this, but I wouldn't willingly let my younger male nephews get near it....
polartomato, Jun 15 2002

       the worst ones to prise apart are the bases. If I had a pound for each nail I have destroyed getting those b****rs apart I would be a rich woman.
po, Jun 17 2002

       This is a much better idea than a little lego airplane full of little lego figures...
FarmerJohn, Jun 17 2002

       Lego Creator, Lego's own CAD-CAM system for kids, had a feature were you could place "flats" with picture of sticks of dynamite on your 3D models so you could blow them up. The same flats appeared in actual Lego sets but they were not explosive, of course.   

       So in a virtual world it has been baked ...
Aristotle, Jun 17 2002

       Lego actually did this in a non-virtual way too - for one of their "Lego Studios" sets, they had an "exploding block" which would explode after a set time so that you could film an exploding building, for example.
hippo, Jun 18 2002

       [hippo] Wow, was it packed full of gelignite, or did they go for plastique?
IvanIdea, Jun 18 2002

       Exploding legos. I'm attracted to it like a moth to a buglite...
RayfordSteele, Jun 19 2002

       Blissmiss: Does my example count? No - but it is getting close.
Aristotle, Jun 19 2002

       Kit contains: 5000 Assorted Lego blocks 50 Assorted Lego Men 10 Assorted Lego Men Hardhats 100 ct. Strip Thunder Bomb Firecrackers 1 Ligher (not childproof, of course)   

       Eye protection not included
Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002

       1 hardhat per 5 men? why no assorted women? and you forgot the bucket of sand. wish I could double croissant this idea.
po, Jun 24 2002


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