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Junior Neurosurgeon

Family fun with the Secrets of the Mind!
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The children's game Operation is a perennial favourite, but is somewhat old hat in the modern age of keyhole surgery. New discoveries about the workings of the brain make possible a new variant, which would be both educational, and great fun. The game comes with a lifelike dummy, whose head is shaved, and pre-drilled with a great number of holes. The dummy contains a sophisticated computer, emulating the workings of the brain, sundry motors to move the limbs, a voicebox, and other apparatus.

Probes are inserted into the cranial holes, thus influencing the workings of the brain, producing a variety of bodily and mental effects, ranging from finger wiggling to profound delusions as to the nature of the world.

Mickey the Fish, Feb 21 2001

Operation. http://www.funstore...e_Operation_59.html
The fun game of anaesthia-free surgery. [DrBob, Feb 21 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Look, mommy! He can't say the letter K!
centauri, Feb 21 2001

       Can I be the one who drills the holes?
DrBob, Feb 21 2001

       Blow. That's a middle 'C', or I can't say pseudotumor cerebri.
reensure, Feb 22 2001

       Book reference for this one: "Dark Matter" by Garfield Reeves-Stevens. A mad killer performs brain surgery on his victims in a quest for the ultimate expression of understanding in their faces. (Not a good book; but "hi" if you happen to be stuck with it.)
jutta, Feb 22 2001


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