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Micro Perforated Newspapers

And possibly nano perforated microfiche...
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Tearing content out of a newspaper can be a difficult undertaking. It's usually not worth doing things that are difficult, but sometimes there is an article or something in a newspaper that one may think is worth the effort of tearing out. Those who make this common thought-error know that newsprint tears follow unpredictable paths of least resistance that, while unpredictable, usually run right through the content that is being removed.

Different techniques for tearing involve removing a much larger section than is required, employing the use of various devices if handy, and creasing the paper; however, this doesn't always work and often results in smudged fingers and certain failure. The only practical alternative is the pre-perforation of newsprint on the press before newspapers are put into the once clean and undexterous hands of their readership.

rcarty, Sep 24 2009


       What about news stories on the back of the page? or will perforation lines run through the articles,or will newspapers have to print on only one side of the page?
CaptainClapper, Sep 24 2009

       i) Throw sheet of newspaper in air
II) Draw wakizashi
iii) Excise relevant portion
iv) Bow to applauding onlookers
8th of 7, Sep 24 2009

       // I always get nervous looks when I draw my knife //   

       We get nervous looks when we enter the room. Additional edged weapons don't make a whole lot of difference......
8th of 7, Sep 24 2009

       Maybe you just need to lower your standards a bit ? it's not as hard as you think ....
8th of 7, Sep 24 2009

       I use a 12" rule to guide the tear. Hold it flat with one hand, and with the other pull the free portion of the newspaper up and slightly against the straight edge.   

       Admittedly it's not as impressive as a flashy blade, but it's all in how you use it.
egbert, Sep 24 2009

       Obviously, [Cap'n], the editors would take care that the articles on opposite sides are exactly the same length and position.   

       Arguments would rage between those who keep clippings (henceforth referred to as tearings) loose, who prefer relevant and related content on the reverse, and those who stick them in a scrapbook who prefer unrelated dulness.
pocmloc, Sep 24 2009

       so fold the paper like this /\/\/\/\/\/\ and put the articles on one side and the ads on the other.
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2009

       // She's gotta be easily twice my age, and half-again my weight // She's 30 and weighs 200 lbs?
tatterdemalion, Sep 24 2009


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