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Motion Schematic

draw areas and volumes to show kinematic connections
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The work compactor has had it's throttle lever assembly damaged and dismantled. Because the compactor is a knock off, there isn't the clear schematics to do a work around.

I propose a diagram that shows all the pivot points and fixed points as dots on overlapped geometric shapes that show the area covered by each link component. Springs would be display as two red lines at normal end compression and extension positions. See link

A clearer overview of what is required will help the true fix rather than just relying on robotic part replacement.

wjt, Sep 06 2015

My example attempt https://www.deviant...schematic-848799215
evelope areas of motion to show where stuff should be [wjt, Sep 06 2015, last modified Jul 15 2020]

MD Adams https://youtu.be/rEGIXdbgM_0
Any use? [Ling, Sep 10 2015]


       So your idea is CAD?
Voice, Sep 07 2015

       More an *application* of CAD, surely?
pertinax, Sep 07 2015

       I see how something like this could allow a better understanding of a machine.   

       /in all walks of life/   

       I am curious about this premise in other walks of life. Geology? Tort reform? Massage? Some examples, please.
bungston, Sep 07 2015

       This idea was a line of simmering thoughts about Vitruvian man crossed with hip hop. Can a diagram show all the positions of the human body in all it's undamaged, aerial or otherwise positions? A bit like The wave equation.
wjt, Sep 08 2015

       [Ian] That's not really a static image that shows you the probability your left knee can be in a certain position. Overlapping shading may give indication but it would get complex real quick. A more artistic surreal blur for the living room wall would be an elegant solution.
wjt, Sep 09 2015

       Sounds like the holy grail of information transfer but would still be tricky because the human mind is so big. Everyone sees something different. A Graphic would have to explain the information in a few ways to cover the normal distribution of humanity.
wjt, Sep 10 2015


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