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Onomatopoeia Generator

Portable hologram generator that creates words to match environmental sound effects.
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Imagine a small black box, concealed in your shirt or jean pocket, with an auditory pickup, a microcomputer, and a hologram generator. As sound waves entered the microphone, the computer would classify them as 'clangs,' 'clunks,' 'kachings,' 'whiffs,' etc., and the holographic projector would project a three dimensional word in the open air.

Alternatively, if this is too technically demanding, the projector can simply generate two-dimensional images onto a flat screen (like an overhead projector), the computer can be slightly larger, and can be stationed on a table.

Now, the school can finally re-enact the corny Batman cartoons of old.

WordUp, Jun 09 2004


       ZZZZZZZZZZZZSPLOODGSCHTUPF -Sound of fishcarcass being thrown. Tarintino might buy it off you, however.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 09 2004

       Pah! Holograms? Why not just carry around some big cardboard sound effects, cut into dynamic shapes?
iivix, Jun 09 2004

       baked in the '60's tv version of batman.
etherman, Jun 09 2004

       I'd settle for something I could fart into, which would tell me how to spell that sound.
phundug, Jun 09 2004

       i think your name is pretty close <phundug>
etherman, Jun 09 2004

       [etherman] how was the device proposed here used in Batman in the 60s?
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       The idea is very good, even if slightly too futuristic. I know that if I saw something on the shelf for $49.99 like that, I would buy it as soon as I could, but something nowadays like that would be a bit too much money to be popular... or even really worth anybodys time to make.   

       No fishbone, no croissant. Good concept though.
bluefood2010, Sep 25 2008


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