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Microfloradated skin wipes

Microfloral skin conditioner
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Paper wipe impregnated with low amount of S. aureus and other common skin bacteria. Use after washing hands with soap. Rub eyes and nose with hands if desired. Available in pine, lavender, or unscented. Part of a daily immune system training regimen.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 11 2020


       What's wrong with farmyard manure?
pocmloc, Mar 11 2020

       It doesn't work, for one; no matter how much you spread it on, the farmyard doesn't grow any bigger.
8th of 7, Mar 11 2020

       As presented, the idea isn't really going anywhere. The complex microbial environment of the skin, as I understand it* is quite complex and specific to individuals. Collecting the bugs is relatively easy, but keeping them all equally viable and proportional in some kind of wipe isn't going to happen. A sub section of the microbes will find the wipe easier to live in than others and will grow, others will die or be overwhelmed. Maybe you could flash freeze them in a cryopreservant? Anyhow, no company is going to stand behind a product that introduces microbes, that just occasionally, eat a person's face.   

       What might work, along the same lines as the fecal transplant**. There are conditions, like eczema, where in at least some cases, the symptoms are exacerbated by immune reaction to some microbes. Perhaps a test, similar to allergy testing, but with common skin microbes, could identify well tolerated species that could be applied to out compete the lesser tolerated versions.   

       *poorly, but if challenged, I can quickly drag the subject to an area I know extremely well and win that point, standard academic obfuscation. **worst name ever. Just a little marketing would have helped, "Microflora transplant", "Microbiome re-seeding" anything really.
bs0u0155, Mar 11 2020

       So more of a self transfer wipe from a protected area of skin to the sterile hands?
wjt, Mar 12 2020

       That would explain the panic buying of toilet paper.
pertinax, Mar 12 2020

       So just rub your hands on your upper arms after washing & drying? Or dry them on your shirt, which your forearms come in contact with regularly?
notexactly, Mar 15 2020


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