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Microwave Pause Button

To check the meltiness of cheese without zapping your brain.
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All microwaves leak. Because of this, I've never been that keen on putting my head against the door to check that the cheese on my spud has melted sufficiently or that my soup has started to bubble around the edge.

If I turn the microwave off the light inside goes off, so I end up opening the door. What I'd like to be able to do is push a button that, for the period it is pushed, stops the microwave oscillator but keeps the light on and the turntable spinning. It could even increase the brightness of the light to see the food with greater clarity...

...and all this without cooking my head.

st3f, Oct 02 2001


       You're not supposed to check food in the microwave. You put it in, set the timer, wait, it beeps, you take it out and eat. You're acting like you're trying to *cook* or something. Show blind obedience to the god of convenience.
pottedstu, Oct 02 2001

       Or, at least, defrosted.
angel, Oct 03 2001


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