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Microwave magnet

Liven up your oven!
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Boring old food in the microwave. It turns, it steams, its yummy, but what else? The same thing gets old. But now there is something new!

Introducing the Microwave Magnet from BUNGCO! A two inch metal clad ring, the Microwave Magnet is coated in the same smooth sparkless metal as the inside of your microwave. When it feels the electrical fields of your oven, a magnetic field is induced. Maybe it will fly up and stick to the wall? Maybe it will be repelled? Maybe it will do both, many times, in less than a second! BOING! YOW! The electrical fields in the microwave sweep around to cook your food thoroughly, and the resulting induced magnetism cannot be predicted! The whole family will laugh at the hyperactive antics of the wildly hopping and bouncing Microwave Magnet!

Do not eat magnet. Magnet will become very hot. Do not touch magnet. Do not place any part of your body inside the magnet. Do not place any part of your body in the microwave.

bungston, Mar 24 2005


       *Added bonus!*
Hook it to your cat's collar so he can't escape the microwave this time!

Wow, all these first posts lately...feel like I should rename myself PeterSealy or something...
AfroAssault, Mar 24 2005

       AA: Been there, done that.
DrCurry, Mar 25 2005

       [Curry] - the magnet or the PeterSealy bit? Because I was not at all sure this magnet idea would work.
bungston, Mar 25 2005

       I don't think your magnet would be strong enough to move about, on earth.
Anyway, plasma is better.
my-nep, Mar 25 2005


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