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Microwave cooking pot

It's like a slow cooker, but not slow.
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Do you want to cook something that you'd normally cook in a pot on the stove, but you don't have/can't fit a stove nearby? Can't fit even a microwave oven? Perhaps at your desk? Rules don't allow hot plates? Get one of our new microwave cooking pots! It's double-walled like a slow cooker, metal-lidded with a latch like a pressure cooker (though not necessarily pressure-capable), corded like a hot plate/kettle/slow cooker, and magnetron-powered and timer-equipped like a microwave oven! High temperatures are contained entirely within, so it's safe to use anywhere, and being microwave-based means it's much faster than a resistance-heated cooker.

71/484 [2019-05-16]

notexactly, Oct 10 2019

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