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Microwave in Joules

10 kJ, not 10s.
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Microwaves can vary greatly in how fast they heat, both across models and over time. This means that microwaving instructions for food involve heating in microwaves for very approximate lengths of time. I propose that microwaves be set in kilojoules instead of seconds. Then, the setting you want to use for a given food item would always be the same. Periodically the microwave could calibrate itself to make sure that it puts out however many joules it is set for.
bdh, Sep 10 2005


       This has nothing to do with your idea (for that I apologise) but my microwave gave me an electric shock today!!   

       Your idea just reminded me... :(
chocolateraindrops, Sep 10 2005

       Pa've - Maybe there is a misunderstanding about what joules are. If the magnetron is on 50% of the time, joules are only being added 50% of the time, so they are being added 50% as fast - no matter what the cycling rate is.
bdh, Sep 11 2005


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