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Pitta Mits

Hand warming snack
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Your hands are cold. You're peckish. What do you do?

Pop a pair of hand shaped Pitta Mits into the toaster. Slit the entry end with a sharp knife and slip your hands in. Mmmmmmm, nice.

Once they're cool, dip each finger into houmous and nibble away.

SX-70 Land Camera, Mar 14 2006


       do you stop nibbling when you reach your first or second knuckle ?   

       Are you "new" SX ? - I've only been here for six months, so I'm a newbie too - Welcome ! + for your first idea.
xenzag, Mar 14 2006

       might stop the kids biting their nails.
po, Mar 14 2006

       Thanks for the positives and the welcome.   

       Not familier with "Naan Gloves" but I think Pitta Mits are better because, a) Pittas open naturally when toasted to allow hand insertion, and b) It just sounds so "right".
SX-70 Land Camera, Mar 14 2006

bristolz, Mar 14 2006

       //Pittas open naturally when toasted to allow hand insertion// - has anyone done vagina pocket bread ? (round up the usual suspects - "BF do I see your hand up" ?
xenzag, Mar 14 2006


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