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Microwave Dual Display Timer

A microwave that not only tells you how long you have left, but how long you actually set it for the first place.
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A microwave that not only tells you how long you have left, but how long you actually set it for the first place.

We've all done it.... {stir food} did I put it on for 2 or 4 minutes before?

CasaLoco, Jul 14 2022

GE “Kitchen Hub” https://www.tomsgui...owave-ive-ever-seen
A smart microwave oven with - a 27” touchscreen?? [a1, Jul 16 2022]

Weight sensor https://patents.goo...atent/US6091029A/en
[RayfordSteele, Jul 16 2022]


       And also displays the time in {destination half a world away from Microwave's present coordinates in timespace}, with the option of teleporting the finished snack via quantum wormhole thingamabob.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 14 2022

       It also needs to show the elapsed time from the end of the cook cycle to the present time. How long ago did I leave that pizza in there?
Voice, Jul 14 2022

       Also cumulative and instantaneous statistics displayed on a large screen with graphs, charts and visualisations.
pocmloc, Jul 15 2022

       Thank you for the faraway cheesy nachos, [Sgt]. Please expect your preternatural wormhole bubble and squeak in due course.   

pertinax, Jul 15 2022

       [pert], insert "That's nacho cheese, man!" joke here.   

       'Bubble and squeak' eh? Merci and many miigweches. We prefer ours with moose meat and marmalade, potatoes optional. And a nice fizzy fermented drink. Dinner's at 1 PM. Cigars in the quintessential Canadian outdoor lounge (garage) afterward.   

       For remote potluck attendance, we'll have to add a Zoom/FazeTyme feature to the microwave.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 15 2022

       I've been wondering why microwaves haven't had the "Smart" treatment yet. They're a time warp item, all research and development on microwaves stopped in around 1992. We recently replaced a 90's microwave at work, the new one is EXACTLY the same. Do they even make them anymore? Or were they all made on one batch and stored in a warehouse the size of Macau.
bs0u0155, Jul 15 2022

       They don't have this already? That's an outrage. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 15 2022

       I honestly was going to post an automatic temperature sensor for microwave ovens based on this posting... but it's a thing already.   

       Who knew? Fess up. I didn't.   

       Yes, we have an auto temperature sensor.   

       Makes me curious as to why they haven't gone touch-screen. Too much grease in the kitchen to be a thing perhaps?
RayfordSteele, Jul 16 2022

       Just time controlled here so far, no temp sensors.   

       Maybe us lowlifes just ain't heard about them yet.   

       Son of a... [+]
21 Quest, Jul 16 2022

       + A warm croissant for an idea to help with my short term memory loss.
xandram, Jul 16 2022

       [bs0] Like you said it's possible for a microwave to be way smarter but it seems like they developed the temperature sensor and called it a day, permanently. Since then all they add are useless features. I want a microwave I can tell what I'm putting in and it will measure the thickness, weight (less probable tare weight), and the temperature going in. It should then program a cook time with power levels and either beep for stirring when needed or stir the food itself. I should be able to say "this is green beans" and push the "reheat" button and get out perfectly heated green beans.
Voice, Jul 16 2022

       Ooh, weight-sensitive would be ludicrously easy, and doesn't seem to be baked.   

       Edit. Doh. Baked.   

       Maybe microwaves are just a commodity now and people simply buy on price.
RayfordSteele, Jul 16 2022


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