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Military Cross-Country

For athletics competitions with that "Sgt. Hartman" feeling.
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Just combine military training parcours with all your favorite obstacles (haphazard barbed wire, walls and, of course, the dreaded MUD PIT) and hold a running competition on it. No, I do not just mean a competition for soldiers somewhere on a military base but a competition for athlets which is broadcasted like, e.g., the olympics. This would add more variety to the races as each track could be designed in a different way, posing interesting difficulties to the runners.
Saruman, Jul 07 2002

Tough Guy. http://www.toughguy.co.uk
Race, barbed wire, cross-country, walls, lots of mud, real athletes, broadcast (ok, local news item), designed differently each season. All of the idea's requirements and more - fancy dress! [sappho, Jul 08 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       <weeping> this is my fourth fishboned idea. i should go off to HalfFishmongery, right?
Saruman, Jul 07 2002

       Congratulations for hanging in there.. Now stop whining and think of a winner..
yamahito, Jul 07 2002

       [Saruman] I am going to give you a croissant for that remark and the underlying humour. There is nothing wrong with the idea at all, perhaps halfbakers are not particularly athletic. I know I am not, perhaps make it a pub game of sorts....   

       make mine a pint and a packet of pork scratchings, SIR!
po, Jul 07 2002

       Mmmmmmmmmm pork scratchings. I would have a pint with that but I can't order stuff from the bar.
kaz, Jul 07 2002

       oh sod the rules, I will buy you a pint kaz - cheers
po, Jul 07 2002

       Woohoo! Free drink
kaz, Jul 07 2002

       gotcha, now you have to go over the obstacle course with a pint of lager in yer, hah .
po, Jul 07 2002

       I don't know, but i hear they get terrible athlets hang-nail.
[ sctld ], Jul 07 2002

       Note that the biathlon is just such an event - ski and shoot. No barbed wire, tho.
DrCurry, Jul 07 2002

       bliss: ...and what shall we make of the "Lego Brand Stack-A-Cat Happy Hat"...?
DrCurry, Jul 08 2002

       Um, BAKED? Tough Guy races, each summer and winter here in the UK. Going for a link now.
sappho, Jul 08 2002


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