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Mine Your Own Business

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A landmine, which when triggered, sets off an immense explosion coupled with a blinding flash. After the initial shock wears off, the victim will realize he is actually still alive. The landmine will then play a short audio message explaining that while the previous explosion was just a trick, you are in fact standing in a minefield of the more deadly variety. Shouldn't you be somewhere else? Why are you fighting this war anyway? Go home and stop acting a fool.
notmarkflynn, Apr 16 2012


       Great idea! Particularly since the victim/survivor is almost certainly the one who made the decision on him being there!   


lurch, Apr 16 2012

       Or the message might tell him he was indeed dead and going to hell, but he'd have to wait a bit as there was a queue.
ldischler, Apr 16 2012

       Contrary to what it may seem, landmines aren't really used as a direct anti-personnel weapon. Rather, they're generally used for area denial and to slow down incoming enemies. As such, minefields are generally (and are, in fact, required to be by the Geneva convention) prominently marked as such. So under normal circumstances, a combatant shouldn't be setting off a mine. Much more likely that the mine would be triggered by an innocent civilian long after the minefield is forgotten about, in which case this would merely (and quite literally) add insult to injury. [-]
ytk, Apr 16 2012

       Psychological warfare of this type is extremely common, but nobody goes to such elaborate measures; they usually just broadcast it over a loudspeaker.   

       Flash-bang landmines are WKTE, although they aren't generally called 'mines' these days.
Alterother, Apr 16 2012

       Of course they could simply convince you that you are immortal.
RayfordSteele, Apr 17 2012

       I think any message delivered to the recently impaired auditory faculties of the "victim" might fall on deaf ears.
4whom, Apr 22 2012

       (The landmine then dispenses an abundance of yo-yo's to keep you occupied,even if one was to explode within the region of Mathamangalam whilst "yo- yoing".)
skinflaps, Apr 22 2012


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