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magnetic landmine

magnet turns on when stepped on
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this is rather self explanitory... needs to be rather powerful. could disarm people by attracting the guns, mess with the electrical systems, and pull at any metal object in the area....post any other uses. perhaps these could be powered by a central system located at the place they are meant to defend...these mine might also be allowed to be switched on and off as desired, thwarting electronics at the invisible, magnetic, "moat".
sergeant dukie, Dec 06 2002


       [seargent dukie], It's amazing that you're still alive and 'ticking'...   

       The magnetic moat sounds very useful. Could this be adapted for residential use to thwart unwanted solicitors?

       <warning sign> If watches malfunction, underwear magnet is activated <warning sign>

       Solicitors would never take the time to reason..hehe
hollajam, Dec 06 2002

       //needs to be rather powerful//
I'd be interested in how you would intend to create a magnetic field this strong...
st3f, Dec 06 2002

       st3f, parallel wired MRE's?   

       (Meals Ready to Eat, fortified with Magnetic Resonance Emissions...)
hollajam, Dec 06 2002

       i suppose that could be the idea, the reason i thought of this is that it could be rather effective, while being non-lethal, and wont hurt people later after the war...
sergeant dukie, Dec 06 2002

       Would you like your ration here or there?
Would you like it high up in the air?
Would you eat it slow before the blow?

       You want to eat it on the go???
hollajam, Dec 06 2002

       yeah, but now we dont bother because we make them with non magnetic materials, and so does everyone else...so this would only work the first time....but will be very effective the first time.
sergeant dukie, Dec 10 2002

       Not very effective against a chap in a loincloth with a pointed stick, though.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2002

       not necesarily lethal, but bloody painful for someone with a Prince Albert, or similar body piercing.
yamahito, Dec 11 2002

       youll need one helluva strong magnet to pull guns away, id say a few hundred gauss ought to do the trick, which is also strong enough to wipe all your credit cards in your wallet, sounds brilliant to me. I know this is a late posting, but i couldnt resist
morbiddesire, May 04 2004


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