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Pez Mines

Springloaded landmine dispensers
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Ok, the current problem with landmines, as I see it, is that as soon as a landmine blows up, it leaves a nicely blackened spot on the ground that tells the victim's comrades (your enemies) that it is now safe to walk there.

So I propose a new mine dispensing system similar to a Pez dispenser: as soon as one mine is detonated, a new one is immediately popped into the now-vacant spot. Or, the spring mecahnism could be cocked by the blowback of the top mine detonating, like the reloading action of a gun. I'm not sure which would be the more practical version, be the idea remains the same.

21 Quest, Apr 16 2006


       Very clever, but I can't bun an idea for killing people.
dbmag9, Apr 16 2006

       Shouldn't this be in the "evil" section?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 16 2006

       This idea is not intended to be used in temporary campaigns for quick kills (although I realize that the inventor's intentions usually have little bearing on a weapon's use). I envision this for use as a purely defensive weapon used at permanent installations like Fort Knox, or at embassies overseas to prevent local extremists from taking people hostage, which has happened several times in the past.
21 Quest, Apr 16 2006

       what would Diana say?
po, Apr 16 2006

       //as soon as a landmine blows up, it leaves a nicely blackened spot on the ground// This still does that.
dbmag9, Apr 17 2006

       Yes, this still does that. However, now that blackened spot has a fresh mine in it that an unsuspecting intruder will step on.
21 Quest, Apr 17 2006

       Reasonably certain there are already mines out there that redistribute themselves to circumvent this very problem.
DrCurry, Apr 17 2006

       Seems like the little hinged heads would give away their positions.
half, Apr 17 2006

       Would the mines come in different colours too?
methinksnot, Apr 17 2006

       I think you've got it backwards. Embed giant Pez dispensers in disputed terrortories and when the other (that is, bad) guys are comatose from sugar, you've got 'em.
ideaphoric, Apr 17 2006

       I thought that this might be a sentencing alternative to the salt mines.
bungston, Apr 17 2006

       Psych warfare: Pez mimes dispenser
Let's see you try to get out of *this* box.
methinksnot, Apr 17 2006

       So the next time I am walking through the woods in Laos and see a big plastic Bugs Bunny Head on the ground, I WONT TOUCH IT!
MoreCowbell, Dec 01 2006

       Wouldn't this simply destroy the mine underneath it? Or can you shape the charge that well?
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2015


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