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Minger Defence System

Use after the Beer Goggles have slipped down your nose.
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We've all done it - Woken up next to a complete Minger the morning after the night before. The beer goggles have gone and the assault on the eyes is unbearable ! We need to wear special eye defence that simulates the blurry, swoonyness that alchohol induces on the vision.

Why not have incredibly advanced contact lenses that will react by blurring over and move over the retina in a random fashion until the offending Minger has been ejected from the bedroom.

CustardCurtains, Aug 31 2001

(?) Mrs Minger's First Grade Class http://www.swiftsite.com/mgsroom1a/
Hoho, Mrs Minger! [[ sctld ], Aug 31 2001]

The Wilson Minger Agency http://www.realestate-niceville.com/
Ironically, their web address contains the word 'niceville' [[ sctld ], Aug 31 2001]


       Contact high -- teehee
reensure, Aug 31 2001

       Reminds me of Zaphod Beeblebrox's shades which turned completely opaque when they sensed danger.   

       Get spirit shades instead of beer goggles. Far cooler.
-alx, Aug 31 2001

       Where does this word Minger come from? Is it sex specific?
Bonarein, Aug 31 2001

       Back when I had sex (it's been 3 years), I solved this problem by sending the sot home as soon as I was done with him.
quarterbaker, Aug 31 2001

       Bonarein: The word 'minger' is Scottish in origin (or so i believe), and rhymes with 'pinger'. And basically means something which you wouldn't touch with a barge pole, or your own pole for that matter.
[ sctld ], Aug 31 2001

       God bless the Scotts. Any people that could create Drambuie out of ethanol and peat moss is certainly a civilization of the highest order.
Bonarein, Aug 31 2001

       I once had a friend (who became a girlfriend) who reckoned before a pissed night out (and at other times in case unplanned drunken nights out occurred) you should make sure you have a bottle of vodka under your pillow.   

       Then, in the morning, if your 'conquest' was a stunner, you could celebrate, if not, you could return to the state you were in the night before and you wouldn't care.   

       Must admit I never found a bottle of vodka under her pillow - maybe she'd always drunk it by the time I woke up....
afrocelt, Jun 20 2005

       My problem was that those schemie mingers would never have me!
oldchina, Jun 21 2005


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