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One Night Band Stand

Saturday morning television for one night standers.
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The dread of your resumed consciousness after a night of heavy drink and ugly sex is hard to quelch. Some might run and hide before the victim/assailant wakes up. Some might not be so lucky...

Well, kick embarrasment to the curb, and gaze upon your humanity with a potato sac full of salt while you finish off last night's whisky to an uproarious variety show fully dedicated to you: the dumb drunks who took part in unprotected sex with strangers. The hosts are ugly, so you don't feel overwhelmed with the pressures of finding worthy sexual mates. The commercials are for herpes treatments and antidepressants, and the sketches are full blown parody, so funny and on the spot these cards are with exposing all the humor and good will of random sex!

Ahh, the show almost makes you feel comfortable with... what's her name?... but not too comfortable. At the end, there's this whole ensemble where the whole cast sings "House of the Rising Sun". Pain and misery. Get out.

daseva, Jun 20 2005


       Finally, a media job that maybe I could land!
Soterios, Jun 20 2005

       If you've ever had one long term relationship, you can't be on the show. And, they will check. They always do...
daseva, Jun 20 2005

       There's a category just for this ? I am so slow sometimes....
normzone, Jun 20 2005


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