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Mens mini shaving razor for tough to reach areas
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Mens facial hair today takes many shapes and forms. Regular razors such as the Mach 3 and Sensor razors may give you a great shave, but they make it difficult to create creative goatee and moustache designs. Shaving a small moustache, for example, just above the lip is practically impossible with these razors. I believe a razor about half the size of regular ones, but with the same quality, would alleviate this problem.
memagil, Oct 11 2000

AIPM http://www.permanent-makeup.net/
Note: Director's name is Ms. Hackett Profile. [reensure, Oct 11 2000]

Mini Razor patent by Mark and Jerry Alsept http://164.195.100....621&RS=PN/5,469,621
They can be reached (I think) as <minirazorsrus@yahoo.com>. [jutta, Oct 11 2000]


centauri, Oct 11 2000

jutta, Oct 11 2000

thumbwax, Oct 11 2000

AfroAssault, Oct 12 2000

       Burma Shave
StarChaser, Oct 12 2000

       Black and Decker.
Alcin, Oct 14 2000

blahginger, Oct 14 2000

StarChaser, Oct 15 2000

hippo, Oct 16 2000

PotatoStew, Jan 10 2001

       Hi my name is Mark Alsept the inventer of the mini razor. I am truly sorry about the mistakes that I made when first e -mailing you. My address is minirazorsrus@yahoo.com and my patent number is U.S. 5,469,621. For more info please visit USPTO and use search engine. I hope that you find this info more helpful than my first attempt. I have yet to find an assignee so I am still taking offers. Thank you for your interest. I hope to hear from you soon.
Mark, Jan 12 2001

       Alternatively, this could be a little miniature scooter. I've seen "thumb skateboards", why not a "thumb razor"?
egnor, Jan 12 2001

       Instead of a thumb razor, you could use wax. Guess what sort.
angel, May 16 2001

AfroAssault, Jun 05 2001


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