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n-bladed razor

When 4 blades just isn't enough
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In the UK we've just started being bombarded with adverts for razors with 4 blades, that give you the closest shave yet. It seems only a couple of years ago that 3-bladed razors were the bees knees, and I'm sure I've only been able to buy 2-bladed razors in the last 15 years or so.

Obviously this process seems to be exponential, with 5-bladed razors just around the corner.

The idea is to have an extendable piece on the end of your razor that can incorporate as many blades as you like. That day, every day you can add another one, and claim the closest shave yet.

PeterSilly, Feb 04 2004

Shaving causes breast cancer! http://www.newscien...s.jsp?id=ns99994587
What! [grippit, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Wilkinson Sword Quattro http://www.wilkinson-sword.co.uk/
I ought to get bloomin' advertising royalties [PeterSilly, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

When you just have to have more than four blades... http://www.delocorp.net/page6.html
[ldischler, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Five on the front, one on the back http://www.cvs.com/.../promotion?pid=5838
...and counting. [Shz, Feb 09 2006]

20-Blade Razorhead 20-Blade_20Razorhead
Shave your whole face in two seconds [agkyra, Dec 16 2006]

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades http://www.theonion...t/node/33930/print/
Sorry to push this to the top again, but this article from "the Onion" is pretty good [xaviergisz, Jan 12 2007]

Gillette Fusion http://money.cnn.co...ortune500/gillette/
(FIlling in for Shz's link, probably.) [jutta, Jan 22 2007]

Korean Dorco about to introduce "Pace 6" http://english.chos...0/200710020009.html
[jutta, Oct 07 2007]

The Shillette Jedi - The only razor that is a light saber http://loserzcomic.comicgenesis.com/
[normzone, Oct 07 2007]

Where they come up with the ideas http://observer.gua.../0,,2181337,00.html
Article about Gillette's R&D facility [imaginality, Oct 07 2007]


       18 blade razor? Pah, I always use a 22 blade.   

       22 eh? I always use a machete.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       Don't forget to patent it :)
phundug, Feb 04 2004

       They used "Mach3 Turbo" to describe the 3 bladed razor whats used to describe the 4 Blades?   

       Did you know that shaving causes breast cancer! http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99994587
grippit, Feb 04 2004

       Silly, I hope you are not getting into a strop!
po, Feb 04 2004

       Why not wax your chin? You'll get an even smoother finish and have to do it much less often.
squeak, Feb 04 2004

       [po] I'm trying not to work myself into a lather about things, but I'm so cut up at the moment. Ah well, time to face the music.
PeterSilly, Feb 04 2004

       You're so superficial, [Peter]!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 04 2004

       [fog] - I think you could do that with 1 if it was sharp enough and you were heavy-handed enough.
PeterSilly, Feb 05 2004

       The natural culmination of all this is a file.
Basepair, Jun 11 2005

       I wish I could find a transcript for that MadTV Mach 20 skit...   

       The first few blades remove hair.   

       The next remove the outer layers of skin.   

       The next removes the chin.   

       The next cleans behind teeth.   

       The next zaps the portion of the brain responsible for hair growth...
omegatron, Jun 14 2005

       //The natural culmination of all this is a file// Wet'n'dry emery paper for that ultimate smooth finish.
coprocephalous, Feb 09 2006

       The 4 blades is the gillette fusion, and its actually 5 blades. One solo on the reverse to shape and style. I have the turbo, which has the whole vibrating bollocks too. I do take my hat off to gillette though.
shinobi, Jan 12 2007

       //Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades// [Marked-for-tagline]
zen_tom, Jan 12 2007

       Just this weekend I had the great fortune to listen to Onion editor Scott Dikkers read that piece to an audience, as an instance of the Onion predicting reality by a hair's breadth. (To wit, the Gillette Fusion.) If it weren't someone else's joke, it would definitely be a halfbakery tagline.
jutta, Jan 22 2007

       According to Kevin Powell, Gillette's laboratory director, "The only thing I can tell you for certain is that we are not sitting here saying, "The answer is six blades.""   

       A phrase from my childhood seems appropriate here: "Yeah, right! Itchy chin!"
imaginality, Oct 07 2007


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