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Piezoelectric Shaving Post

A razor for the next thousand years.
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I've recently been playing with some piezoelectric elements, little ceramic rings which vibrate when you stick electricity through them. They don't vibrate much, but by stacking them on top of each other, a sizeable vibratory movement can be achieved. This got me thinking: stack a load of these together, attach two sheets of metal with lots of little perforations, and hey presto, you have yourself an electric razor! Such a device would have almost no moving parts, so should be easy to waterproof, cheap to produce, and should last pretty much forever!

There are a couple of downsides, however, which I think might make this unsuitable for a portable device. Basically, these piezoelectric elements really don't move much, so you'd probably need a stack about a foot long in order to get enough movement to be able to cut hair. Therefore, unless you really wish to carry a foot-long dildo around in order to manage your facial hair, I propose to harness this technology by installing shaving posts into public toilets in areas such as airports, train stations etc. These would stand in the corner of the room, and can be used by weary travellers (and tramps) in order to control their hirsuteness. Thus, business travellers can arrive refreshed and newly shaved, and you can guarantee that anyone pestering you for money will be well turned-out and cleanshaven!

moomintroll, Sep 01 2005


       Verrry reluctantly I'm churning this, once. I just can't believe nobody cared enough even to vote, let alone comment. If it sinks again, then so be it.
moomintroll, Sep 04 2005

       The downside is very down. Can you not coil the stack?
daseva, Sep 04 2005

       //unless you really wish to carry a foot-long dildo // You make it sound like that's a bad thing.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 04 2005

       I'll vote seeing as I don't shave
po, Sep 04 2005

       Everything about this is great! OK, maybe not everything. But + for civic mindedness at least. Also for the determination to find an application.
bungston, Sep 05 2005

       Sorry my Finnish friend, but it looks to me like you've just invented a way to make shavers bigger.
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       Well yes, but much longer lasting ;)
moomintroll, Sep 05 2005

       Does a wild bear scratch in the woods?
reensure, Sep 05 2005


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