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Miniature shoe-darts

To not lose the shoe incident momentum
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Following last week's global news highlight, known as the "shoe incident", it might be a propicious time to start a mass scale production of miniature-shoe darts. They would come in sets of three (traditional dart qty. per set). The box would be designed in the shape of a shoe (in fact several models could be used; stilletoes, black dress shoes, brown sandals, etc...) a bit for each taste and inclination (greater market potential). What the darts are aimed at is up to the buyer.
traffic, Dec 20 2008


       Walk softly and carry a big shoe.
phoenix, Dec 21 2008

       Somewhere out there is a 'walk on rotten fruit' gag, but I can't be bothered to go and find it.
pertinax, Dec 21 2008


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