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Magnetic Connect Four

No, not like the travel version of the game.
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I recently obtained a new game from the far-off, exotic shores of Australia called TorKings. It's basically an updated version of the classic Connect Four/Align Four game with a bunch of neat new features. It really is worth the extra money if you can swing it. Well, it got me thinking that would be really helpful in this game is little magnets embedded in the center of the tokens, for faster cleanup between rounds. Just jumble all your tokens together and, if implemented right, they should stack themselves together and just need a little manual manipulation to get them all perfect.
21 Quest, Sep 19 2022

What is a juggalo? https://www.youtube...watch?v=0zIjJYYfmOg
(caution, adult language) [normzone, Sep 20 2022]


       How would you swing it?
whatrock, Sep 19 2022

       This is pretty trivial to do with a 3D printer, you just design in the magnet-sized voids, set the printer to pause at the appropriate layer, pop some neodidlium magnets in, hit start and the printer prints over them sealing them in place.
bs0u0155, Sep 19 2022

       Presumably, there are no ferromagnetic parts in the 3D printer print head close enough to cause a problem...
scad mientist, Sep 19 2022

       The standard nozzle is brass, the hot block is usually aluminium. Typically you put the magnet in with something of an interference fit, or glue it in.
bs0u0155, Sep 19 2022

       Magnetize just red or just yellow and they'll separate themselves out.
Voice, Sep 19 2022

       //separate themselves out//
Put 4 magnets in each token, in a square pattern. One colour has them all aligned (ie. Norths to the same side), the other has them alternating. A mismatch will have 2 attractions & 2 repulsions, so not lock together; 2 the same will (with some shaking & mixing) connect.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 19 2022

       Hey, that's an even better idea. I'm going to use it for something one day.
Voice, Sep 19 2022

       The game board is actually cleverly designed so they sort themselves from each other when they drop out of the bottom, this idea is to make picking the pieces up faster.
21 Quest, Sep 19 2022

       Another thought: as it is a 2 player game & they (typically) face opposite sides of the "board", the tokens can all be identical, just a different colour on each side. Players both choose the SAME colour, from their point of view; the "back" is the other colour that the opponent sees. Then a simple 1 magnet per token (aligned the same way re. coloured sides) will give a stack with all tokens facing the same way, ready for the next game.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 19 2022

       From the title I thought the idea was going to be pieces magnetically levitating on the pieces below. This would require the pieces to be rectangular/square and colour coded to indicate the magnetic poles. Players would put pieces in so the pole on bottom side of the piece being played was the same as the pole of the top side of the piece already in the column. The frame would need to be transparent. The bottom of the frame would also have magnets embedded so that the pieces on the bottom row would also levitate.   

       It might not add much to the gameplay, but it would be mesmerising to see the stack of pieces bounce as another piece dropped in.
xaviergisz, Sep 19 2022

       "What is a juggalo?" (link)   

       Sorry, could not resist, it's truly Connect Four related.   

       I don't expect a non-ICP fan to listen to the entire song, just go to the stretch from 1:40 to 2:00.
normzone, Sep 20 2022

       Norm, my attorney will be in touch with you regarding assault charges for this.
21 Quest, Sep 20 2022


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