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Minimize Until:

"Minimize" should not mean 'procrastinate"
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I do lots of multitasking, and I often forget what I have going on. I must have a windowing feature that allows me to minimize windows until(some criteria) has been met.

Why? Well, as a HalfBaker I have the proven ability start thousands of tasks per day; however I need something to prompt me to finish at least one of them. The task of typing up this very idea itself has been abandoned by me about 200 times already.

Criteria could be a certain amount of time: Minimize(15 minutes); a specific time in the future: Minimize(until 5:00pm); or based on a search expression: Minimize(until /Task failed, reason code: u suck at ur job/i).

The UI would be simple – right click the minimize button and I'll be greeted with a menu that will take my criteria. Enter (or select) the appropriate “bake time” and it minimizes while I attack some other distraction. Once the criteria is met – I see a flash, and then it maximizes, beeps, and, what the heck, spins the cd drive. I now have one fewer excuse for failure!

This is actually easy to implement, and I've started the work on it dozens of times, but, eh, other things have come up :-)

1st2know, Feb 10 2008


       I started to anno this idea but I got distracted and
Canuck, Feb 10 2008

       I do the same thing with my internet browser, however... somewhat less automatic... my parents walk over, It minimizes, they walk away, it maximizes
xxobot, Feb 16 2008


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