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Semitransparent window

Read books and watch video over them.
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I was adjusting transparency on powerpoint shapes. Cool! But could this happen with an entire window? I don't see why not. Then you could have a semitransparent video running on top of your work, or superimpose a lenticular cloud, our the Virgin Mary, or some other meditative image.

The real application I had in mind was superimposing video over animation creating software, so one might easily trace a kung fu master in action and create a cartoon to mimic her actions.

bungston, Mar 01 2012

Multiple Active Windows Multiple_20Active_20Windows
I thought that this was the case. Certainly if I have some kids game running in a window in continues to merrily sing and chirp until I close it. [bungston, Mar 01 2012]

The analog path to this destination... _27TIS_20A_20read
[normzone, Mar 01 2012]


       This has been implemented by many third parties many times.
mitxela, Mar 01 2012

       A real master would use the words to show the picture as it plays, Matrix-like.
RayfordSteele, Mar 01 2012

       //Read books and watch video over them// The barbarians are at the gates. Nothing left, now, but a sharp knife and a warm bath.
mouseposture, Mar 01 2012

       Oh, come now. Don't you want to take a bunch of them with you? You'll want servants to carry your book collection through the gates of hell.
normzone, Mar 01 2012

       The real, old Romans, would be on the ramparts, dying in battle. But the old virtu is gone. My contemporaries flee, or try to bribe the invaders, but I, too proud for one, and too unworldly for the other, remain here, with my books, preferring a peacful death to such unpleasantness. But alas, the looters find me, wrists still unslit, in my library, dithering over which final, favorite book to read as the life slips from my veins, and it's all for naught. Damn.
mouseposture, Mar 01 2012

       Pull yourself together, [mouse], we're making a sortie.
pertinax, Mar 03 2012

       Perhaps the ultimate justice might be achieved by salting the earth, so to speak.   

       License the software to Microsoft.
Custardguts, Mar 09 2012

       // trace a kung fu master in action and create a cartoon to mimic her actions //   

       Like digital Rotoscoping? There's gotta be an app for that.
Alterother, Mar 09 2012


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