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Ministatement Shredder

Keep your balance confidential
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Most ATMs in the UK have two small slits underneath stuffed to overflowing with recipts and ministatements.

I usually end up with a pocket full of my own as I don't want a bit of paper with my last financial transactions flying down the street every time there is a breeze... so what about a minishredder for it?

This would be a box that could be built into the ATM, or a larger box underneath, that unlocks when a transaction is made (so as to avoid malicious use) with a slot to accept your viewed ministatement. the shreads are then shredded which leaves better peace of mind.

This is my first idea posting so don't be too nasty!

Seaneeboy, Jan 22 2003


       Many ATMs in the US ask if you want a printed record of your transaction. You can select no, and nothing is printed.
waugsqueke, Jan 22 2003

       A good idea yes. But better not to have to print the statement at all. Most bank machines I use give the option of no printed record, and I can review all my transactions on the screen. (or better yest at home on the internet). You wouldn't want to accidentally put your deposit envelope in the shredder!
rbl, Jan 22 2003

       could the gerbil live in the bank machine instead?
rbl, Jan 22 2003

       Heck, <putting on her thick glasses> I misread the title as a "misstatement shredder". Which, for me, would be particularly useful...
pluterday, Jan 22 2003

       have the mini statement printed on rice paper and eat it.
po, Jan 22 2003

       You should burn the shreddings, too. Makes you account info even harder to get, the ash is more compact that the sheddings, and it could keep the little cubicles a little bit warmer in the winter.
nick_n_uit, Jan 22 2003

       [waugsqueke] et al... I never print out the balances (unless it's at the bank of scotland cash machine in Leeds train station which is permanantly spewing out paper, but that's another story entirely) however it's not too difficult to end up with the random bits of paper firing out after you...   

       It could kind of cater for that "Whoops, another bloomin' bitof paper that I don't want to carry around" incident when you accidentally press the wrong button.
Seaneeboy, Jan 23 2003

       Would you like a printout?

You selected YES
If this is correct, press YES, if not, select NO to return to the previous menu

You selected YES
For insecurity porpoises, would you like this printout shredded?

You selected YES
If this is correct, press YES, if not, select NO to return to the previous menu

(Actual transaction...)

Shredded statement appears
thumbwax, Jan 23 2003

       sugar lump?
po, Jan 23 2003

       That would be a nice touch, Rods.
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2003

       Having statements print out is useless most of the time, and most of the time after I have a statement in my hand I'll know it's useless; the problem is that with my luck if I don't request a statement something will happen were I decide I want it (e.g. I think I push the $60 button but $40 comes out of the machine; if I look at a statement and it shows I requested $40, then I know everything's cool and I probably just pushed the wrong button. If I didn't have the statement, though, I'd have to wonder...
supercat, Jan 23 2003

       Welcome to the 'bakery [Seaneeboy], this is a great idea.   

       I print out statements when I use ATMs so I always have a record of the contents of my bank account. I dispose of the previous one at the same time so there's always one in my purse. I'd definitely make use of such a shredder. A built in compactor would make this even better.
madradish, Jan 23 2003


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